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Group Meditation Programme

All Maharishi Organisations have enjoyed group practice of Transcendental Meditation Programme on one of most auspicious day of Vedic Calendar–Akshaya Tritiya all over India from 8.30 to 9 am, followed by speeches on TM and Maharishi Vedic Science by exponents of Vedic knowledge, scientists, professors, scholars, and students of Maharishi Schools. About 2,75,000 practitioners of TM have participated in 221 cities. Vedic theme based cultural programmes were performed by students, teachers and administrators of different Maharishi Organisations.

M Camps (Bhawateet Dhyan Shivir) were organised in over 150 cities all over India.

Addressing thousands of TM Practitioners at Maharishi Centre for Educational Excellence campus Bhopal, Brahmachari Girish, Chairman of Maharishi Vidya Mandir Schools Group has announced that "we are adopting this resolution-sankalpa on this pious day of AkshayaTritiya and starting with large scale group meditation".

From now on we will do it every month on second Saturday, then will organise every week, then every day and then it will become practice to meditate twice daily. Positive results of group practice of TM and group practice of TM-Siddhi Programme in every area of life has been enjoyed by millions of people from all walks of life world-wide and have been scientifically validated by 235 independent research institutions and universities in 35 countries.

"Group practice of TM, TM-Siddhi Programme and its advance techniques will create a very powerful, effective, positive influence of coherence (sattwa) in Indian and world collective consciousness. India will again become an infinite source of inner light, coherence and knowledge, resulting removal of darkness, suffering, struggle and negativity. Happiness, peace, prosperity, perfect health, invincibility and heavenly life will be enjoyed by every dear citizen of our global family”.