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Maharishi Yagyas Maharishi Yagyas

Yagyas are Vedic Performances for Life Supporting Effects.

Maharishi Yagya performances work by means of the principle of action and reaction. The experience of our daily lives shows that we are repeatedly confronted with unforeseen and often unwanted trends and events. To avert any danger before it may arise, the Maharishi Jyotish uses Maharishi Yagya performances.

Maharishi Yagya performances are Vedic performances that create life-supporting effects in order to amend or avoid any unwanted tendency before it manifests. Based upon the thorough study of Life Kundali (birth horoscope), Maharishi Yagya recommendations are made by Panel of Jyotish experts.

All our thoughts, words, and actions generate influences in the environment, which reflect back to us. This can be compared with the situation of throwing a stone into a pond. Such an action at the shore produces waves, which then travel throughout the pond. Once they reach the far shore, they will be reflected back, and eventually return to their place of origin.

The Maharishi Jyotish is that science and technology which is able to calculate and then predict the type of influence that has been created by our past actions, and which will return to us at a particular time and place

Based upon this highly specific analysis, Maharishi Yagya recommendations are made. If the influence approaching us is not favorable, a Maharishi Yagya performance is needed that will generate the specific life supporting influences to neutralize it. If the influence approaching us is favorable, then Maharishi Yagya performances are recommended to enhance our good fortune. This is the whole secret of the Maharishi Yagya technology; to know the influence of the life trends that are going to come, and to know how to generate the appropriate life-supporting influences that will either counteract or enhance these trends.

Predictions from the Maharishi Jyotish help us become aware of our future life trends so that Maharishi Yagya performances can be scheduled in due time. This is very important since the Maharishi Yagya is more effective when utilized before the trends or events have begun to manifest in our lives. The Maharishi Jyotish together with Maharishi Yagya performances provide a very powerful technology to help avert or minimize problems and enhance success in all areas of life.

Maharishi Yagya performances are done for individuals, families, companies, organizations and countries. The correct performance of a Maharishi Yagya procedure from the level of pure consciousness by properly trained Vedic Pandits (experts in Yagya performance) is essential.