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Advanced Techniques of TM

“The purpose of Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation is to take the experience to another, higher level. Advanced Techniques are like fertilizers; fertilizers bring better fruit to every tree. To enjoy greater achievement and fulfillment in life, take advantage of this beautiful programme of Advanced Techniques to enrich the development of higher states of consciousness.” – Maharishi ji

Advanced Techniques of the Transcendental Meditation programme enhance and enrich the benefits of one's daily practice of the TM technique. Through the regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, the mind becomes familiar with the experience of “pure consciousness”—the simplest, least excited state of consciousness. Through the Advanced Techniques, we enhance our ability to experience finer levels of thought—to develop finer perception while becoming more and more familiar with the experience of our own silent Self. As our conscious mind thereby becomes more infused with this pure field of consciousness and our perception becomes more enriched, our thoughts and actions spontaneously become more powerful and effective, resulting in greater fulfillment of desires in daily life.

“The practical programme to create Heaven on Earth is to develop bliss consciousness, so that no matter where one may be on earth, one will always be in Heaven. To rise quickly in bliss consciousness and prepare the ground for Heaven on Earth, everyone is invited to participate in this beautiful programme of Advanced Techniques.”– Maharishi ji