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Welcome to Maharishi World Peace Movement

With the divine grace, inspiration and blessings of His Divinity Brahmaleen Swami Brahmanand Saraswati Ji Maharaj, Shankaracharya of Jyotirmath, Badrikashram Himalayas, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji has established Spiritual Regeneration Movement 61 years back. Maharishi Ji has traveled across the world many times and through Global Spiritual Movement has awakened mass awareness of spiritualism in the whole world.

Maharishi Ji has bestowed upon millions of people, the theoretical knowledge and practical programmes on the basis of eternal and uncreated wisdom of Veda and Vedic Literature. Maharishi Ji has blessed the world with the historic gift of balanced life introducing Transcendental Meditation, Sidhi Programme based on Patanjali Yog Sutras, Advance Techniques and Yogic Flying Technique. These programmes have been scientifically validated with more than 700 scientific researches conducted in 235 independent research institutions and university in 35 countries. Maharishi Ji has shown the path of Enlightenment to the whole mankind for all future.

With the inspiring results of scientific discoveries on completeness of vedic knowledge, Maharishi Ji has designed started to offer long awaited perpetual world peace and invincibility to every individual and nation. The implementation started to take place but with the desire of nature and his own divine wish, Maharishi Ji has decided to leave this material world and ascended to the Heaven on 5th February 2008. Seed sown 61 years back and with his continuous kind care, now it became huge knowledge tree. Fruit of knowledge- peace and invincibility is now available for every individual and every nation.

It's the need and demand of time that we make this fruit of peace and invincibility available to everyone. Our sankalpa of establishing Perpetual World Peace-Vishwa Shanti Mahayagya is the greatest sankalpa ever taken in the whole human history and our target is the most difficult target ever fixed to achieve;, but to achieve the target, fortunately we possess the divine grace, blessings and directions from our Holy Tradition of Vedic Masters, Shri Guru Dev and Maharishi Ji. We are totally confident that we will achieve this target soon. We have drawn the conclusion that we will only be successful in our mission, if we act and implement our plans in the form of a Global Maharishi World Peace Movement.

As per the Indian Vedic tradition, we offer all our achievements in the lotus feet of our beloved Shri Guru Dev and seek his divine kind blessings.

त्वदीयं वस्तु गोविन्द तुभ्यमेव समर्पये
Twadiyam vastu govinda tubhyamev samarpayet

We will do every thing to create all time desired peace on the basis of peaceful human consciousness itself. It is our sankalpa to hoist the victory flag of infinite light of wisdom to remove the wide spread darkness. It's our sankapla to transform sadness, poverty, diseases, suffering and sleepy consciousness to comfortable, prosperous, healthy, blissful and to full awake unity consciousness. We wish that the life on earth will soon be Ideal Life-Heavenly Life.

Students and Teachers of Schools and Universities, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Scholars, Intellectuals, Performing Artists, Defence Personals, Serving Individuals, Self Employed Professionals, Politicians, Government Officials, Corporate Leaders, Farmers, Social Workers, Political Leaders, Journalists, Shop Keepers, Mothers at home and any one else, every citizen of Ved Bhumi-Purna Bhumi-Dev Bhumi-Gyan Bhumi Bharat-India is invited to join Maharishi World Peace Movement to help in establishing Perpetual World Peace and to provide Invincibility to every Individual and every Nation on this earth.

"A few thousand students can establish world peace and can raise any nation to invincibility. Schools are already providing knowledge to students, so it will be effortless for them to provide the knowledge of Natural Law-the constitution of the universe, which administers the universe with perfect order". – Maharishi ji

Maharishi World Peace Movement has plans to approach the issue of violence and destruction at all levels, through Peace and Invincibility.

Maharishi World Peace Movement has plans to expand and support educational Institutions in India to offer Maharishi's Consciousness Based Education-Atma Based Education-Unified Field based Education through students who are Practitioners of Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flyers and to achieve target of reaching 1% of Indian population to ensure establishment of permanent peace and to achieve absolute invincibility for every individual and each nation.

Maharishi World Peace Movement utilizes the ancient vedic and the modern scientifically proven approach to peace, which is based on the thoroughly tested and systematically established technology for harmony and national security.

The approach is simple and can be summed up in one word "PREVENTION"-based on age old Vedic Technology of
" हेयम दुःखम अनागतम " "Heyam Dukham Anagatam" (Avert the danger that has not yet come), which will provide instantaneous invincibility to all individuals and all the nations.  "Prevention oriented defence" approach to security can make every individual and nation secure from all kinds of attack-military, cultural, economic, social, communication etc. and create lasting peace for all nations, therefore, it should be the central component of any comprehensive approach to peace, national security and invincibility.