Maharishi World Peace Movement Maharishi World Peace Movement
1984 Maharishi’s Year of Unified Field-Based Civilization:

Maharishi begins to establish the irreversibility of the Global Maharishi Effect by holding large World Peace Assemblies in different countries.

1985 Maharishi’s Year of Unified Field-Based Education:

Maharishi formulates a perfect system of Vedic Education based on consciousness.

  • Maharishi creates Veda-Leela, the play of the Veda, which narrates and displays the mechanics of creation.
1986 Maharishi’s Year of Perfect Health:

Maharishi implements his World Plan for Perfect Health to create a disease-free society and bring self-sufficiency in health care to every nation.

1987 Maharishi’s Year of World Peace:

Maharishi presents to the world his Programme to Create World Peace through the mechanics of the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Yogic Flying Programme.

  • Maharishi presents to the world Gandharva Veda music for creating balance in Nature.
1988 Maharishi’s Year of Achieving World Peace:

Maharishi inaugurates his Master Plan to Create Heaven on Earth for the reconstruction of the whole world—inner and outer.

  • Warring tendencies are transformed into friendliness—the superpowers shake hands.
1989 Maharishi’s Year of Heaven on Earth:

Maharishi implements his Master Plan.

  • The unifying quality characterizes world consciousness as evidenced by the fall of the Berlin wall.
1990 Maharishi’s Year of Alliance with Nature’s Government:

Maharishi offers Alliance with Nature’s Government to every nation.

  • Maharishi introduces the knowledge of Natural Law for perfection in every profession to create ‘Heaven Builders’.
1991 Maharishi’s Year of Support of Nature’s Government:

Maharishi invites all governments to align themselves with the Constitution of the Universe, to make their administrations as effective as the Government of Nature.

1992 Maharishi’s Year of The Constitution of The Universe:

Maharishi brings to light the Constitution of the Universe, which governs the infinite diversity of the universe with perfect order so that the nourishing power of Natural Law will support and enrich every national administration in our world family.

  • Maharishi’s Supreme Political Science for problem-free government inspires the formation of the Natural Law Party.
  • Between 1991–1992, two hundred Maharishi Vidya Mandir Schools, with over 100,000 students, are established in India.
1993 Maharishi’s Year of Administration through Natural Law—Raam Raj:

Maharishi launches a programme for Natural Law-Based Administration to bring the nourishing influence of the Constitution of the Universe to every government.

  • Four thousand Yogic Flyers from sixty-four countries create coherence in Washington, DC—the crime rate decreases twenty-nine per cent.
  • Maharishi Institute of Management, with six branches in India, offers MBA and computer science courses in the light of Maharishi’s Vedic Management.
1994 Maharishi’s Year of Discovery of Veda in Human Physiology:

Maharishi heralds the dawn of Vedic Civilization based on the discovery of Veda in human physiology, which establishes the grand unity of all sciences and all religions.

  • Maharishi offers to create a PREVENTION WING in every military to disallow the birth of an enemy.