Maharishi World Peace Movement Maharishi World Peace Movement
  • The global development currency Raam Mudra is designed to alleviate poverty in the world.
  • Maharishi conducts special one-month Enlightenment Conferences and designs a programme to construct 3,000 Peace Palaces to provide every major city in the world with a powerful influence of coherence and harmony.
  • Maharishi offers profound knowledge and prevention-oriented solutions to the world through a continuum of weekly global press conferences, broadcast live via satellite, internet webcast, and teleconference (visit or, Maharishi’s Great Global Events page of
  • Maharishi launches his Global Health Programme—a computerized programme based on Maharishi’s Vedic Medicine for prevention, cure, and the creation of a disease-free society.
2003 Maharishi’s Year of Ideal Government—Raam Raj:

Maharishi welcomes every government to contract with the Global Country of World Peace to create prevention-oriented problem free administration.

  • Maharishi ensures achievement of the long-sought goal of mankind—permanent world peace—through the creation of 3,000 Peace Palaces in the largest cities of the world, and establishment of the largest group of Vedic Pandits in India, ‘permeating all time and all space values with harmony, with evenness of higher intelligence’ through recitation of the Veda and programmes of Vedic Yagya and Graha Shanti.
  • The Maharishi World Peace Trust of Germany is founded to begin construction of Peace Palaces in the sixty largest cities of Germany and in the largest cities of Europe.
  • Maharishi inaugurates the Parliament of World Peace to raise world consciousness to a high degree of coherence for all nations to enjoy permanent peace.
  • On the auspicious Guru Purnima Day, 13 July 2003, Maharishi offers to every government to train their administrators to engage in their administrative policies and programmes the intelligence and energy of total Natural Law—the Light of God—the Will of God—which governs the universe with perfect order. Maharishi explains that this training of administrators, on one hand, will make the process of administration the steps of evolution for the administrator, and, on the other hand, will render administration prevention- oriented and free from problems, and give it the character of ‘Automation in Administration’.
2004 Maharishi’s Year of Peace Palaces:

Maharishi devotes the major part of this year to guiding the creation of 3,000 Peace Palaces around the world, to produce an influence of harmony and peace in the world and bring the knowledge and experience of the total potential of Natural Law to everyone.

That is our task this year—a very delightful task—to perpetuate the knowledge that has proven itself to be complete knowledge of the nature of man. The entire divine power in man will now have a permanent home everywhere in every country.’ --Maharishi ji

  • Maharishi’s Consciousness-Based Education receives worldwide recognition for its profound benefits to student well-being, and Maharishi addresses education conferences in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, DC, USA and explains that: ‘Transcendental Meditation is a natural way to fathom the Unified Field; to develop the whole brain to function in every thought, speech, and action, and promote excellence in one’s personal and professional life.’
  • Maharishi establishes the Parliament of World Peace, to set forth a system of administration that will harmonize the differences that dominate relationships between nations, and to take all systems of administration to the supreme level—the Will of God—available in the Atma, the Self, of everyone.
  • Maharishi begins to train Raam Raj Administrators to administer society from the level of enlightenment for all times to come.
  • Maharishi pledges to fulfill the aspiration of the wise throughout the ages to create invincibility for every nation and permanent world peace. Thousands of people come forward to accept Maharishi’s call to be Founders of World Peace:

‘I invite four people from every city to come forward with the desire to establish peace, prosperity, and happiness in their Motherland. Through these people, I will raise their nation above the reach of problems and build a mansion of permanent peace in the world’. --Maharishi ji

By the end of this year, Holland is established as a model for all countries to follow in implementing Maharishi’s offer of invincibility to every nation through the creation of Peace Palaces in all major cities, and a campaign to establish a group of 8,000 Yogic Flyers to create an influence of harmony in national and world consciousness.